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Relationship Tune Up:
tools to diagnose and fix any relationship.

Relationships are priority.
What's the health of yours?

“What do most people come [to counseling] to talk with you about?” It’s this question from one of my coaches that was the springboard for the Relationship Tune-Up Summit, and in the second summit I put the focus on Partner Relationships.    


I’m a giver and I love helping people, I want to serve.  


Meet Joy. She’s worked with thousands of people over the last 14 years, and talks a whole lot about relationships. For most of us, the relationships in our lives are a high priority.  When we are experiencing difficulty or breakdown in our relationships, it hurts. And sometimes we seek help. That’s where Joy comes in :)  

Joy has seen a couple counselors at different seasons of her life too.  


She’s struggled with loss, anxiety, depression, panic attacks…and has worked with others struggling with the same, even when she was in the middle or just one step ahead of others.  


Partner relationships are an integral part of our life.  This last year has had multiple avenues of added stress for families. Separation and divorces have risen over the last year. 


Seeing and hearing about this need for help in the area of healthy partner relationships, Joy reached out to some experts who also work with couples and individuals focusing on the partner relationship. That’s what this upcoming email summit is all about - Partner Relationship Tune Up Summit.  


What if you could sit in on some conversations while experts talk about partner relationships, difficulties, and also tools that increase relationship health?


You can. 


That’s what you’ll learn in the Partner Relationship Tune Up Summit: learn to diagnose and fix common breakdowns in any relationship.  

It was one statement Joy’s counselor suggested. 


Total shift in thinking and feeling.  


That conversation with the counselor prompted her to return to school to become a professional counselor and have the opportunity to impact others’ lives the way she had experienced. 


I believe the conversations you will hear at the Partner Relationship Tune Up Summit have the Potential to be a life changing shift for you.  


You might hear exactly what you need to.  

You might hear an idea you need to tell a friend.


You can have healthier relationships.  It doesn’t have to be as hard as it has been.  


This isn’t a cookie cutter solution that fits only certain types of difficulty in specific relationships.


In nearly 15 years of working with clients, Joy has seen patterns, attended classes, read textbooks, and put together some great insights on diagnosing common problems as well as tools to apply that help fix common relationship breakdowns.  


So what d’ya say, want to sit in on training and conversation with 6 experts all talking about how to have healthy partner relationships?


I know you’re the kind of person that isn’t here to just “get by.” 

You want change. 

You are willing to act. 


You were meant to enjoy relationships.  

Just so you know, you will be able to watch from your home, office, or on

the go. #covidnormal


This is for anyone who wants to improve the health of their relationships,  

challenged by #allthethings that get in the way of what we want. 


These interviews are REAL, short and to the point CONVERSATIONS with experts

who serve others in ways that improve the health of their partner relationships.  


SO let me ask you this: What would it be worth to you to be able to sit at the feet of 6 experts who are making a difference in their clients’ lives and  find out HOW they are doing it?


For me it’s worth A LOT, which is why I was not only a speaker, but I attended too.

It really is a small fee for HOURS of great encouragement and information from experts.  

I'm selling the replay of these seminars for only $57.  It's great value for this awesome content. 

e-mail me at
I will send you the link for one or both master classes, as soon as I receive payment.

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