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Treatment: Counseling sessions last 60 minutes and begin meeting once a week, generally. We will continually reassess the counseling goals and determine continuing course for counseling, reducing to every other week, as needed, etc..  Treatment is voluntary, feel free to terminate our counseling relationship at any time.  Our work together does not guarantee a certain outcome, variables are involved and we will work together towards your goals.  If our therapy goes in a direction I feel better served by another therapist, I will refer you to another. You may ask questions about your treatment at any time.

Confidentiality: Information disclosed during treatment is confidential. If you pose a danger or threat to yourself or others, I am required by law to report this. If I am made aware of child abuse or neglect, I am also required by law to report it. In the event I wish to speak with someone regarding your care, you may sign a release form authorizing our communication.

Approach to Treatment: I generally counsel with the modalities of cognitive behavioral, family systems, solution-focused, and psycho-education, among others, as individual needs require. As a Christian I believe the Bible to be true and applicable for issues we experience. It is up to the client what is included and discussed in treatment regarding to spirituality.  I am willing and able to counsel persons of varying belief.

Risks, Benefits, & Outcomes of Treatment: In the course of our work together you may experience pain, anxiety, sadness etc. as a result of drudging through your past, your hurt, your life. Changes you may make in our life as a result of our work together may be difficult.  Please keep this in mind as you actively work on healing, growing, changing, achieving your goals. Benefits to counseling involve a greater awareness of yourself, greater self-esteem and self-worth, a better understanding of who you are in Christ, closer relationships with others, a change in outlook on life, new motivation, gaining new tools to cope with anxiety, anger, loss, depression etc.. Together we will set goals and work toawards meeting them.

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