If you’re like me, you’ve allowed various things to limit you…negative events, negative thoughts, and negative beliefs you have about yourself. In this last year I’ve found more freedom from the inside out, and I’m excited about the limitless vision I have!


I created a 6-week course, and then made this workbook with that very content, content designed to help you unlimit your life, so you can live the life you were created for. We were made for community and each of us has a gift to give the world, a gift that the world needs. In this last year I have done a lot of personal development work and am excited to share what I believe can help you.


Here’s a list of the topics covered :

§ Identity

§ Your Values

§ Your Self-esteem

§ Your likes, strengths, and skills

§ History

§ Hurts

§ Depression

§ Anxiety

§ Divorce (you and or parents)

§ Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

§ Grief

§ Mistakes

§ Forgiveness

§ Things you tell yourself

§ Comparing yourself to others

§ What’s your jam? Your Passion

§ What are your strengths, weaknesses and how that fits in to your purpose

§ Continuous learning

§ Reasons and excuses why we don’t take action

§ Changing your thoughts

§ Intentionality for growth


The paperback workbook includessections to read every-other day, excercises to think and write about, and truth sections withscripture and quotes because I love quotes.  It also includes pages for writing.


Let's get unlimited!

Joy Life Unlimited workbook