In my practice as a mental health counselor, I recognize that our efforts are focused on our patient -- the person who is suffering with suicidal thoughts, depression, grief, and anxiety.  If you are one of those people, you will find this book helpful.  By seeking help, you are taking a big step toward effective coping and recovery.

In writing this book, I bring expertise that I derived from a decade of professional mental health counseling. My counseling experience includes time spent in a variety of positions including: elementary school counselor, behavioral specialist at Pierce County Human Services (a facility including a detox wing, triage, and longer-term inpatient), leader for a domestic violence group for women and children, and social worker for the Department of Social and Health Services in a foster care unit. I did an internship as a family counselor at Good Samaritan Hospital Family Services. In accordance with state licensure regulations, I attend yearly continuing education classes to stay abreast of current research and effective therapeutic treatments. Not only do I have professional experience and training, I have a deep personal understanding of the misery of those experiencing these difficult emotions. We all experience these emotional upheavals at some point in our lives. For me, dealing with the pronounced symptoms of depressions, anxiety, and grief were very difficult, especially following the shocking suicide of my dear brother. This book shares my personal story, and draws on my professional experience to help others through challenging times.

Here is the table of contents:

Introduction, Purpose for Writing

Chapter 1   My Story

Chapter 2   Anxiety

Chapter 3   Depression

Chapter 4   Facts on Suicide

Chapter 5   Symptoms of Suicidal Ideation

Chapter 6   Grief

Chapter 7   Relax Tools / Coping Skills

Chapter 8  *Relax Tools* (graphic included for use with kids)

Chapter 9   Relax Tools Instruction for Parents

Chapter 10 Prevention, Resilience

Chapter 11 Client Feedback – What Helps?

Chapter 12 Hope in the Midst


About the Author

What Now? Anxiety, Depression & Greif: A Concise Guide, Tools for Adults and Chi