The Greatest Thing...

The Greatest Part…

The greatest part of this program (AWOL standing for: Another Way of Life) for me, has been the fire lit inside of me for growth…there is so much encouragement, inspiration to be the best version of you, living full to your potential. I have had so much fun learning, reading, stretching myself in this new adventure. I’ve opened my mind to all kinds of new possibilities, new ideas, new friends. I’m seriously excited each day to learn more, read more, think more. Yes, think more! I feel like I’ve opened up a part of me that is me, the underlying, deep person that is Joy, underneath being a wife, a mom, sister, friend, and counselor.

I would never have attempted this freelance marketing career if it were not for the fact that my sister, whom I trust, was having such a great time with it. As a counselor I have written a book and created a few therapeutic games (see my website shop >>; I just recently began the process of making all this available for purchase on my website (, to help more people than just the clients I see in my office.

I would not have figured myself for a technically savvy person, knowing what was necessary for operating basic laptops and an iPhone…yet in going through some of these online training programs, I am proud of how much I have learned, how much I am able to do. Not because I am that smart, but because the training is step-by-step and explained in an understandable way. I even helped a friend get their website going the other day! I am now equipped to market the items I have created as a professional. More valuable than this, is the personal development that has taken place in these last few months. I was blessed to attend an AWOL event last month called Awaken. It is a personal development three-day seminar, and I got to be in the seat of the client and work on me; it was a really powerful weekend.

I don’t much like the idea of selling something… I have decided that I’m not trying to sell something. Rather, in my book and therapeutic games, I see the benefit my games offer as I play them in my counseling office with kids, and the benefit my book has to offer as I talk with clients about the tools discussed in the book. If 50 people read my book or play the games, that would be more than 50 extra people I am able to help, on top of the people I see in my office. I am a counselor because I benefited greatly from seeing a counselor. That’s the way it works at times, right? We share with others what we have received and are excited about?!

I have enjoyed, appreciated, and been encouraged by this program. My life has benefited from being a part of AWOL, I want to let others know about something that could benefit them too. At the very least, read through the free PDF on Marketing Secrets ( watch the video, hear from my mentor how he wants nothing more than to show people his formula for success in freelance marketing. My mentor said that a friend commented to him, AWOL is a personal development program disguised as a business opportunity…that’s because my mentor emphasizes that the most important piece of any business is the person behind it. There is so much value in what I have learned in this program, about myself as well as the marketing world.

Message me, ask me questions, let me know if you’re intrigued by this venture I’ve begun.

Be bold enough to see that you may not be living to your full potential, and perhaps begin a journey of personal growth… Blessed and Grateful,


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