What are YOU all about?

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What are YOU all about?

Many companies have vision statements, churches have mission statements, have you ever thought about a family or individual mission statement?

When you set out on a roadtrip, you likely have put a bit of planning into your trip.

You probably map out the route, pack some food and plan on budget for some meals out, fill up the gas tank and figure on filling up a few hundred miles into the trip. You might also research and book hotels or camping grounds, and make a list of items to pack.

You would likely pack some extra things that just might be needed as well. You would probably plan for comfort items and necessities.

There can be a lot of planning that goes into our vacations.

Do you ever think about how you plan more for your vacation than for your daily life?

Perhaps you are in the minority and actually do have Type A routines and schedules, short and long term goals, well then, maybe it's time to revamp your mission!

Here are a few questions to ask yourself to determine what YOU are all about...

1) What is important to you?

2) What do you value?

3) What do you like to spend your time on?

4) What do you like to spend your money on?

5) What are some goals you have for bettering yourself?

6) What does your ideal look like --

ideal home

ideal family

ideal career

ideal free time

ideal hobby or creation

ideal relationships

ideal financials

ideal vacations

ideal spiritual life

ideal giving or support of causes

ideal impact on the world

ideal legacy you want to leave your children with--legacy that you want the world to know YOU are about...

Life is not perfect, never will be. The purpose in working through identifying all of these things for you in your life is to have a starting point (where you are now) and some goals to work towards.

I recommend having short and long-term goals.

Come up with some steps along the way--starting where you're at--and moving towards your goals. Make the goals specific and reachable. Set yourself up for success.

Be specific and have items you work to do each day, each week, each month, each year. It is the daily routines that really add up to the big changes over time.

I read somewhere recently that happiness is growth. Human beings thrive off of growing, learning, and changing.

Sometimes people think what they want is comfort...yet in reality, comfort is not what truly generates fulfillment.

I'd love to see your mission statements if you're willing to share!

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In the last 6 months I've been on an adventure in freelance marketing and part of the course has been in personal develpment. I want to share some of the emials I've been subscribing to that have changed my life for the better.

Please share some of your subscriptions or websites you find value in, I love discovering new things, and appreciate personal recommendations. .

For amazing minimalist ideas for clearing out, decluttering --alliecasazza.com

My sister shared this with me last summer and it has seriously been a life changer and creator of time in my life - less time spent cleaning and laundering, more time being present with my family.

For daily inspiration and success coaching (he has a DarrenDaily 5 min. video e-mailed each morning) --darrenhardy.com

For real tips that simpify your cleaning routinge (I know, a bit nerdy, but really does make a time difference) --kendrahennessy.com

I have so enjoyed listening to some audio books on audible (Amazon), while I'm cleaning, doing dishes, laundry, driving, getting ready, whatever - it's rewarding to listen and be learning valuable stuff.

Did I say I love learning? I do. Audible also has some channels you can find podcasts on various topics, also fun to listen to.

I highly recommend The Power of Habit book and have been enjoying the book Crushing It (started a couple days ago).

These websites have a ton of free valuable content, and they also have books, classes etc. for sale if you are interested. I don't make any commission here, just sharing what I've enjoyed lately.

If you've ever thought of writing a book and just haven't gotten serious, watch this free webinar and you get a free e-book that literally walks you through the process.


kindlepreneur.com is also a great resource for self-publishing and marketing.

It is easier than ever (and not that expesive) to self-publish, in fact, 75% of the books for sale on Amazon currently, are self-published.

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