Today You Choose - FOR you or TO you...

Recently I have encouraged a number of people with this truth, so I thought I'd share it in my newsletter -

You can choose to see life as happening TO you or

see life as happening FOR you.

When you choose to see life as happening to you, it puts you in a victim position, powerless.

When you choose to see life as happening for you, you will find opportunity, growth, and unexpected blessings.

This is not to diminish pain or hardship, but to point out that we can choose to find the good in any situation.

Personally, I have chosen to see the strength and hope and comfort I am able to bring to people in my office and elsewhere. Through my experiences of loss, trauma, pain, depression, anxiety, my parent's divorce, and other situations, I have an opportunity to help with empathy and understanding that only come from experience. I choose to look for the good. I choose to channel my energy in a helpful way.

Every day you have the choice too.

Is there an area of your life not going how you'd like?

What can you choose to see as positive?

I love to hear from others, please e-mail me back if you'd like :)

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