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Hitztaler Counseling, LLC

individual, child, family therapy
Individual, child, couple, & family therapy options

Counseling sessions are 50-60 minutes long


I have created some resources for clients, both free and for purchase.

Send me an email, set an appointment

I use an online scheduling site and app that is easy to use.  

Interested in a course or a book?

I have written a few books based on my studies and numerous hours of counseling with people.  Through my books I am able to help and offer information to even more people, beyond those who come into my office. 


Therapy Sessions
Hitztaler Counseling, LLC

1724 Cole St. Ste. A1

Enumclaw, WA 98022


About me

My family resides in Enumclaw; my husband of 17 years, our three children and a dog.  We enjoy being outside, movies, crafts, legos, reading, and being involved in a local church.

I am honored to work with people as a counselor and have been in private practice for 15 years.  

Need A Relationship Tune Up?

Our lives are full of relationships.

We have a relationship with ourselves, partner, kids, family, community, work, and more.

Living a healthy, full life is what we are meant for.

I can help you and your family live a healthier life.  Counseling focuses on the past, digging up, processing through, allowing to heal, and then we move into more coaching - operating today and planning for living the life we want.

My work with individuals and families really involves both counseling and coaching and I value both aspects. This past year has really expanded my reach to working with people remotely as well as in my office.

I’ve worked with thousands of people, of all ages, over the last 15 years in private practice.  I would be honored to join with you and your family to identify issues, learn tools, process through and find healing to experience a truly healthy, full life.

Purchase Course


Tune Up

Woof Woof

Relax therapeutic coloring book

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Tune Up

What Now? Anxiety, Depression, & Grief book

Joy Life Unlimited course and book

Suicide Survivor



What clients are saying...

Nic V.

"I’ve been a client of Joy’s for a number of years now. I continue and will continue to see her because of the help and advice I get from’s invaluable and has helped me immensely. She’s helped me work through not only very tough/dark times but she’s also been there in the great times. There’s NO other person that I’ve felt comfortable sharing and trusting my most guarded parts of my life with, not even a family member. She is such an amazing person and truly cares about your well being. You simply can’t sum up what she’s done for me in a paragraph though and I would highly recommend her to anyone!!!"

Andrea I.

"Joy helps remind me of how far I've come when I can't see it myself. Her questions and coping strategies come to mind when I'm going through a new situation. Her re-framings and responses to my issues are so insightful, I often write them down to ponder later."

Kristi F.

"Joy has been a safe place for me and my kids in counseling.  She has a comforting, welcoming presence, while also helping to give practical steps to move toward healing.  Every counseling session has been helpful to truly get to the root of the problems and feelings that me or my kids are facing.  She is one of the very few places that I feel completely comfortable sharing any of my experiences or thoughts and has been faithful to help me took at them in a new light.  Joy has helped my family tremendously and I am so grateful to have an amazing counselor like her."

Mark B.

I came to see Joy in the darkest time of my life.  And now I'm having different perspective on life.  Plus, she helped me with my teenage son and he was awful and now he's better, thanks to Joy and toolsI learned. "

Kari S.

"Times have been tough thanks to the pandemic. I found Joy when I was a few months past a tough bout of postpartum depression, and I was really interested in holding onto my newfound interest in living life to the fullest. Joy is a great listener and my sessions with her always help me see a better perspective.  Joy has great suggestions for helping me stay positive.  Joy has definitely done what I hoped she would do, she helped me hold onto my joy 🙂 "

Lauren H.

"I’ve been seeing Joy for a couple years and I’m grateful for her expertise. She is a great listener and she asks questions that challenge me to dig deeper and get to the root of an issue. I appreciate her background and professionalism and value the way she guides me to my own conclusions. I’ve never felt foolish or dismissed, she works with me where I am and supports my goals with patience and care. She has led me to a much healthier and happier place and have felt respected and cared for every step of the way. I have sent many people to her and they have been blessed as well. I’m just so glad I found her."

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