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Joy Life Unlimited

I believe everyone has value, worth, and has a purpose to fulfill in this life on earth. 


I know as we do this thing called life, things happen, we experience pain, hurt, failure, abandonment, and we are changed, often limited, and don’t live life to the fullest.  

This class is about looking into our past and choosing to believe truth, choosing to not allow things to limit our lives today. 

Joy Life Unlimited – A 6-week course to unlimit your life

If you’re like me, you’ve allowed various things to limit you…negative events, negative thoughts, and negative beliefs you have about yourself.  In this last year I’ve found more freedom from the inside out, and I’m excited about the limitless vision I have!


I’ve created a 6-week course designed to help you unlimit your life, so you can live the life you were created for.  We were made for community and each of us has a gift to give the world, a gift that the world needs.  In this last year I have done a lot of personal development work and am excited to share what I believe can help you. 

I've priced this course at just $27 for all 6 weeks of content, a really small financial investment for what will be an incredibly growing experience!


Joy Life Unlimited will be delivered via e-mail every other day. Included is a video each week as an overview of the week’s theme.  I will also provide answers to any pertaining questions sent my way via e-mail or video.   You can do this coursework when and wherever you choose.  The course will run 6-weeks and the e-mails will be yours, to catch up if you fall behind etc.  

Here’s a list of the topics covered over the 6-week course:

  • Identity

  • Your Values

  • Your Self-esteem

  • Your likes, strengths, and skills

  • History

  • Hurts

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Divorce (you and or parents)

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

  • Grief

  • Mistakes

  • Forgiveness

  • Things you tell yourself

  • Comparing yourself to others

  • What’s your jam? Your Passion

  • What are your strengths, weaknesses and how that fits in to your purpose

  • Continuous learning

  • Reasons and excuses why we don’t take action

  • Changing your thoughts

  • Intentionality for growth

In this adventure to unlimit your life, I’ll challenge you to dig deep, recall, account, record, and reframe your past hurts and experiences that have shaped how you think, feel and believe.  Identifying and expressing takes the power away from the pain.  Then you move forward, reframing, and deciding to believe the truth and live out of that freedom.


Personal development work is so incredibly important! You are at the center, at the very core of everything you do.  (That may seem like an obvious statement, yet many of us put ourselves last…)  When you improve on you, become a better you, everything else in your life is improved, naturally as a biproduct. 


You are the foundation of all the roles you have in your life.  As you work to grow and strengthen you, you will be a better mom, dad, spouse, son, daughter, friend, boss, coworker etc.  When we put taking care of ourselves last, we negatively impact everyone else, including us, because we are not working from a place of great health, a place of being our very best. 


Choose to love you, believe in you, believe in your awesome potential to do great things!  You have a purpose, gifts and talents to give to the world. 


If you don’t believe these things about yourself just yet, that’s what we’re here to work on 😉 


Be open to accepting the truth, be open to doing things differently than you’ve done before!  What’s gotten you here, won’t get you to where you want to go, if you want change.  So, you change some of what you’re doing to bring yourself to a different, better, healthier place today, healthier place tomorrow. 


Joy-life-unlimited is about looking into you, choosing to see what you think and believe about yourself that is limiting your life.  It’s about challenging some of those beliefs and figuring out their origin in order that you can replace negative, limiting thoughts and beliefs with truth. 


The lies we believe about ourselves limits what we do. It limits what we say, and it limits who we love.  Changing beliefs, truly, genuinely transforming beliefs, is easier said than done—yet completely doable!


It takes intention, effort and energy, and requires some continual maintenance when old beliefs creep back up. 

What to expect in this unlimiting adventure:


  • In this 6-week course I’ll be sending you e-mails every other day that will foster thinking and include writing prompts. Each of the six weeks will have a general theme to be discussed and explored. 


  • I will also send you videos each week where I expand a bit on the topics covered. 


  • Each week I will also send a video or email answering questions that you bring to me in response to the work. Remember, it is likely that there are others who have similar question, similar pain, and will benefit from you asking.  Don’t sit back and wait for others to ask! Speak up 😊


  • For the writing prompts, you can choose to write in a physical notebook or type your work up on a computer, even your phone. You will benefit more from this work when you write things out. 


  • Why write?  We don’t always think in full sentences, writing helps us to organize and express, and it can also be a healthy and encouraging thing to look back on.  Sometimes when I need to write, I will do bullet-form, and other times I will write full and complete sentences.  This work is for you, so it’s up to you to decide how you want to do things, each time you set out to do the work. 


  • I suggest taking at least 15 minutes writing responses to the questions.  Some topics or painful life events won’t pertain to your life experiences, but I believe that there will be value for you still as I will speak to a theme and feeling that is often general human experience. 


  • Please reach out, message me with questions, comments, and eureka moments for sure!

      Ok, are you ready to get unlimited?


                     e-mail me at

                                   once payment is received  (just $27) *


                                            your course will start!

Blessed & Grateful,



P.S. Did you know I made a book/workbook for this course? And it's available on Amazon.  

Go here​ to purchase it now! (it's less than the price of two coffees :)

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