Need a little help relaxing? Watch/lilsten to my video

In about 30 minutes I go through Relax tools, my compilation of relaxation techniques for people of all ages to employ when feeling anxious, scared, angry, or upset by big emotions.  

Relax Tool for Young and All

I've compiled several relaxation techniques for people of all ages to incorporate into their daily habits and employ when upset.  It includes some playful images too. 

Intro Video and Office Tour

What Now? Anxiety, Depression & Grief; Tools for Adults and Children

I wrote a book following a speaking engagement on Depression, Anxiety, Grief,

Suicidality and Prevention. This book is a concise guide to help those struggling

as well as those who have loved ones struggling with depression etc.. 

Relax Tools

This is a powerpoint book of relaxation techniques to practice daily to apply

especially when we are upset.  

Behavior Chart month

This is a customizable blank document to track in a month your child's behavior, to work on earing rewards. 

Behavior Chart - week

This is a customizable chart to track and reward your child's behavior, the behaviors that you want to see.

New Client Packet

This paperwork you will receive before entering into the counseling relationship with me. You will find in it information about my education, experience, approach, and other information you have right to.

Release of Information (ROI)

An agreement you as the client sign so that I can have communication with other providers etc..

Book Recommendations

I have found these books to be good resources, covering a range of topics

Shepherding a Child's Heart - Tripp workshop notes

I scanned my notes from a parenting seminar I attended.

Nurtured Heart Approach - a training and information by Howard Glasser

This parenting approach I discuss frequently. It emphasizes focusing on the positive and rewarding the desired behaviors.

This website offers addiction care and education, for those addicted and their loved ones. 

One of the employees at this company recently messaged me saying, this is, " a free web resource that provides information about addiction and mental health issues.

We've recently updated our Anxiety page to go along with our parent organization's Co-occurring disorder page. Feel free to view them here:

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